Who We Are

When we started Good News Church, we had something very distinctive in mind.

Our thinking was that Leesburg didn’t need just another traditional church.  There were plenty of great traditional churches in this area doing wonderful things.

We felt that what was needed was a different kind of church.

     –  A church that would reach a wider spectrum of people, especially the unchurched.

     –  A church that bleeds honesty and authenticity.

     –  A church that is contemporary, relevant, open-armed, and casual.

     –  A church where no one is perfect, but everyone is seeking, growing, and desiring to serve and honor God.

     –  A church where all are accepted just as they are and challenged to be more than they are, Disciples.

     –  A church that proclaims the Good News in plain language and helps people to become followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission at Good News Church is to…

     – Love God,

     – Love Each Other, and

     – Love people who don’t know God yet.


Yes, that is a tall order, but that is what Jesus told us to do in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  He was very clear.  So that’s the plan… that’s why we’re here and that’s what we do.  If that sounds like your kind of church, them come join us and be a part of what God is doing (in, at, with, and through) Good News Church.

Pastor John Blake

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