What a wonderful God…

What  a  wonderful  God!

What a wonderful Church!

What  a  wonderful  Year!


2013 was an amazing year.  I will always look back on it as nothing less than miraculous. The Lord has done so much with and for GNC this year.

With God’s help we…

  • had many baptisms; babies born; and new members join our ranks and mission
  • negotiated a contract for our building
  • closed on the building May 15th
  • renovated the front half of the building by September
  • all moved in by November
  • had our first Christmas here


The first 2 weeks in January, 2014 I will remind us of our mission as a church, The Great Commandment and The Great Commission. God has much for us to do… so be a part of it. Be a part of us.

Happy New Year In Christ!

Pastor John <><

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