U-2 Message Series

The U-2 was a rocket developed during WWII, but it also is the name of a very influential Rock band.  U-2 rocketed out of Ireland and on to the world scene during the 1980’s.  Three of the four band members were Christians and openly embraced the Faith in songs like “With a Shout” and “Gloria”.  U-2 was a force for good to help bring peace to the streets of Ireland during a time of extreme conflict and violence.

This month I will be using some of U-2’s songs as a spring board for my message series.  In this series I will cover topics such as “Why do we need God” and “Why did Jesus do what He did?”  I hope you will use this opportunity to ask that person you’ve been meaning to invite to church.  This would be a good series to introduce them to the Christian faith.

Another great opportunity to bring a friend will be March 29th, Palm Sunday.  We will be having a special communion/Lord’s Supper service, including a living depiction of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Last Supper”.  In this service, not only will you learn a lot about the 12 disciples, but we will share communion together in a very unusual way.  The purpose is preparation for Holy week, and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter Services will be at 7am (sunrise) with Oscar’s donuts, 9am & 11am with a pancake breakfast in between at 10am.

I hope you will take advantage of these special services to reach out and share our church with others.

In His Grip, Pastor John <><

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