The Real God Series

“Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war” … (as the song says…)

We are in a battle! The battle is for our own hearts to be fully devoted to Christ.  We are also in a battle for the hearts of those who don’t know God yet, those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ.

It sounds like a daunting task, but, it’s not.  Jesus’ call to follow Him takes shape in our lives as we seek Him.  As we turn to and draw near to the Lord, we are caught up and drawn into the power of His life and invitation.  The closer we get to God, learning about Him and knowing Him in relationship, we become energized to reach out to others.  It’s a natural and supernatural process that pulls us into the malstrom of His purpose for the Church. 

This Real God series is designed to help us learn about God; to know and understand Him better.  As we know and understand Him better, we begin to see who we are and how we fit into His overall purpose and plan.  The result is life changing, but the key is deciding to seek Him with “all our heart”.  That’s the fulcrum!  That’s the tipping point when we finally realize and deeply know that we are His and created for purpose, for relationship, for Him.

So, in the month of March let’s continue to “march” in battle to fulfill what we are called to do and be.  Love God, love each other, love people who don’t know God yet. 

March on Christian Soldiers!

Pastor John <><

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