The Genius of Jesus


Our current series, “The Genius of Jesus” will take us through the month of October. This series will be a collage of the life of and times of Jesus.  We will survey many of the teachings, miracles and parables that reveal His divine nature and the wonder of His mind.  

As you study Jesus, the closer you look, the deeper He gets.  His teachings are unlike any other and His miracles set Him apart as much more than an ordinary man.  

If you know someone who is a bit skeptical about Christianity, but open to learning more about Jesus, this would be a great series to invite them.

October 2—Birth, Temptations & John

October 9—Weddings, Disciples & Wine

October 16—Nicodemus, Birth & John 3:16

October 23—The Lord’s Prayer & Praying

October 30—Water, Fish & Bread

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