Soundtrack II Message Series

Music is a big part of culture, and there are all kinds of music.  Everything from Classical and Country, to Rap, Pop, Rock and everything in between.  Music holds such a powerful place in our lives.  You can hear a song on the radio or computer and be instantly transported to another time and place in your life.  Songs are very strongly linked with memories about certain people, places and times.  When I hear selections from the album “Who’s Next” (The Who), I think of middle school and the summer YMCA trip to Mexico and California.  I can’t help it.  Once again, in my mind, I’m on that school bus and camping in those old canvas tents.

Well, in this series “Sound Track II” we are trying to create some new memories by taking some popular songs from our culture and linking them to treasure troves of Biblical truth and spiritual principles, contemporary popular music to timeless teachings from the scriptures.

The intended result is that the next time you hear one of these songs, you will remember the Biblical truth–cool huh?  That’s the plan, and I know it works because I used this particular strategy many times in my 20-plus years of youth ministry.

So, try to be here every Sunday in May to catch the music and the message from God’s word!

Be there,

Pastor John <><


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