Being part of a serving team at Good News Church is a great way to grow, meet others and to devote your time and talents to the mission of Jesus. Explore opportunities that interest you and let us know.

Opportunities to Serve

Big Events Team:   Good News Church hosts special events throughout the year where the whole church comes together.   This is a great opportunity to begin serving and meet others. Team members are needed to set up and/or break down furniture such as tables, chairs, etc. in preparation of the event.  The opportunity to serve in this capacity is available for events such as pancake breakfasts, potlucks, memorials and weddings, Christmas Eve, Easter, etc.

If you join this team, you can choose which events you would like to serve and in what capacity.

Communion Preparation Team: Join this team if you would like to help with preparing the communion trays for Communion.  The opportunity to serve on this team is a once or twice a year commitment.

Communion Serve Team: Join this team if you would like to help with serving Communion on Sunday mornings.  The opportunity to serve on this team is a once or twice a year commitment and is available for both the 9am and 11am service.

Cookie Team:  Do you like to bake?  Even if you don’t bake, you can still join this team.  Cookie donations are always needed for our Sunday morning coffee service. The cookies can be a made ahead of time or the same day, and we even accept store bought!  This team is very flexible and you can choose how often you would like to donate cookies.

First Impressions Team: This team is very important and are responsible for welcoming visitors on Sunday mornings as they enter through our doors.  To be eligible to join this team, you need to like and enjoy talking to people and have a friendly smile.  You will greet visitors, answer basic questions and hand out GNC information cards.   During special events, parking lot attendants and ushers are also needed.

Hands & Feet Team – This important team provides assistance at memorial services at GNC.   Team members provide food, set up and/or clean up so families can gather during their grief without being under more pressure to plan a meal.  An email “call out” will be issued when the need arises and allows you to choose if you are able to serve and in what capacity.

GN Kids: There is a great need for teachers. Be a part of this rewarding team by helping to teach our kids about Christ’s love. Team members serve on a monthly rotating schedule and material is provided.  Background checks will be performed for all Kids Club Team members.

Maintenance:  Are you handy?   Put your skills to use by helping with general maintenance and special projects that come up from time to time… whether it’s electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, landscaping, or pressure washing, etc.,  we can use your help!

Meals from the Heart:  Make a meal for someone in need after surgery,  after the birth of a baby or the loss of a loved one. Meals can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the freezer on church premises.

Nursery Team:  Do you love to cuddle babies?  The opportunity to serve on this team is on a rotating basis to assist staff and is available for the 10am Sunday service.  Background checks will be performed for all Nursery Team members. 

Pastoral Visits Team: This team is responsible for visiting shut-ins as well as providing nursing home and hospital visits.

Prayer Team:  Praying for others is a wonderful way to serve those around you in a deep, meaningful way.  It is also something you can do anywhere and requires no training.  If you would like to pray for others, please submit your information here and we will add your email address to the prayer list.  If you have a prayer request, please submit your prayer request here or contact the church office.

Safety Team:  Our safety team consists of two teams.  Our First Aid Team asks two members to sit in the back of the auditorium during service each week (with their families) to render medical assistance that ranges from giving out band aids to assisting with major sicknesses/illnesses that occur during services.   Our Front Door Team asks one member to stay in the lobby before services start until services end to let late comers in and be a set of eyes and ears in the event help is needed in that area.

Samaritan’s Inn: Be a part of this “hands on” ministry helping needy families who are trying to get back on their feet.  Provide a meal, dine with the residents, or serve/clean up once a month.  If you would like to be involved with this rewarding ministry, please call the office and Lisa will put you in touch with Team Leader Carleen Gressel.

Sunday Coffee Service Team: Do you love coffee and bringing happiness to others on Sunday morning?  This team prepares coffee and puts out cookies in between the Sunday morning service.  The opportunity to serve on this team is on a rotating basis.

Sunday Coffee Service Clean-Up Team:  This team is responsible for putting away coffee supplies and ensuring dishes are cleaned and put away after the 10am Sunday service.  The opportunity to serve on this team is on a rotating basis.

Youth Meals: Provide pizza for GN Middle and High School Students on the first Wednesday evening of the month and help feed the future.