Say So Long To Summer

When you have 3 kids at home and work with teenagers as a vocation, the month of August has special significance. You probably guessed why: Back to School. With the close of summer and school coming, I thought it worthwhile to give you an update on the youth ministry over the summer.

I am excited to tell you that our summer activities were a huge success. The events included a trip to Ft. Desoto Beach; an outing to De Leon Springs to swim and make our own pancakes; an inflatable water slide night; and a day at Sea World’s Aquatica Water Park (do you see a water theme?) We also continued to meet most weeks and have bible study to be challenged in our faith.

For many of us, the high point of the summer was our High School retreat to the CIY Move Conference in Cleveland, Tn. I will come up short in my best attempt to describe all the ways that God moved in the hearts of our students that week. We saw each student make significant decisions to follow Jesus with their lives, their futures and their decisions- four of these students for the first time. On July 29, we celebrated their decision with baptism.

As we move into the fall, we all feel God’s hand of blessing on our GN Students group. I would invite each of you to commit to taking time to pray for our group and even for specific students. It has become cliche’ to say, but truly, our students are our future. As they formulate their worldview and move from adolescence into young adulthood, the investments we make in them now will have lasting impact.

Thank you to each of you who so faithfully support our students!

 Rod Padgett

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