Re-Entry Proposal and Timeline

May 17th (Sunday)- Announce poll results and voice appreciation.  Announce intentions and proposed plan on Sunday Service via streaming and assure everyone that streaming will continue forever into the future.

May 20 & 22 (Wed./Fri.) – Disseminate outline of proposed plans as well as our protocol sheets and any other behavioral expectations we might propose (FB, Blast).

May 24 (Sunday)– Repeat and reiterate the proposed plan, but also read through and explain the protocol and expectations. Hype the next week service!

May 31 (Sunday)- Pentecost service outside – very celebratory- wear RED – BYOC (bring your own chair) but some will be provided.  We will stake off sections in the shade and provide divided parking for those in cars watching the service.  Kid goodie bags distributed/available.  No Kids Club.  Parents will be expected to supervise their own children.

June 7 (Sunday)– Repeat of May 31st service but also announce indoor service with the protocols and expectations.  Give further information on RSVP for the 9 and 11 am services – hype indoor services.  No Kids Club.  Parents will be expected to supervise their own children.

June 14 (Sunday) – “If the way be clear”:  Two inside services at 9 and 11am with No Kids Club.  Kids sit with their families in chair pods.  There will be seating groups of (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) at six feet apart.  All doors (5) will be accessible for entry and exit so people have different options.  Masks encouraged but not mandatory.  An attendant will be at each door.

  • Provide hand sanitizer but encourage folks to bring their own.
  • Cleaning in-between services (especially bathrooms, doors and touchable surfaces)

This plan is tentative and fluid.  Proceed with caution based on the latest reports and numbers.

Board approval was unanimous to move forward with this plan.  May God bless us in this endeavor.

Thanks, PJ <><

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