Red Letters – Lazarus John 11

Pastor John Blake
January 28, 2018

Red Letters – Lazarus John 11

It was the summer of 33 A.D. and Jesus knew His time was near.  It would not be long until His hands and feet would be nailed to that instrument of execution, the cross.  He had many lessons to pass on to His disciples.  Jesus had a sense of urgency about His teaching because He knew they would need certain foundational principals to lead and grow the early church.

In the Gospel of John, the resurrection of Lazarus marks the middle of his gospel and the beginning of Jesus’ road to the cross.  It was immediately after that seventh sign and miracle that Jesus makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, welcomed with waving of palms and shouts of Hosanna.  The rest of John’s Gospel (the second half), is primarily the preparation of the disciples, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus.  Most of that second part is dominated by the words of Jesus, hence the title, The Red Letters”.

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