Heroes – Week 1

Pastor John Blake
June 12, 2016

Heroes – Week 1

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A Hero is defined as … “A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.” Heroes come in many different shapes and sizes.  Hercules was a Hero of Greek mythology known for his strength, bravery and amazing exploits.  Though often measured by their strength and unique abilities, the lives of heroes are also marked and measured by a variety of different qualities.  Wisdom, compassion, faith and self sacrifice are also qualities by which heroes have been judged.

Over 10 weeks we will be study some of the heroes of faith in the Bible.  They were people who did many amazing things because they trusted in the power and presence of the living God.  People like Noah, Abraham and Sarah; Moses, Joshua, Gideon and David, are all good examples of people who did extraordinary things because they trusted in the power of the extraordinary God. Yes, they were brave and courageous, but their bravery and courage flowed from their faith in the one true God.

Listen to our “Heroes” series as we look at some of the super heroes of faith and draw inspiration from the Biblical record of their lives.

There may just be a “hero” in you….

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