He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.  Without those last two chapters (20 & 21) in the Gospel of John, the other 19 don’t matter as much.

The resurrection is God’s divine signature of the new covenant He made with those who trust in Christ.  Jesus died for the sins of the world in order to redeem the world.  He conquered death and rose in order to ratify that new covenant.  It’s the divine seal. 

Jesus said a lot of things about Himself.  He said he was the Son of God and one with the Father.  John records that Jesus made at least seven “I Am” statements about Himself:

  • I am…the Bread of Life
  • I am…the Light of the World
  • I am…the Door of the Sheep
  • I am…the Good Shepherd
  • I am…the Resurrection and the Life
  • I am…the Way, the Truth and the Life
  • I am…the True Vine

The resurrection was a powerful statement!  The resurrection said, “Oh yes, it’s true!  It is all true!”  Jesus is all that and more.  He is who He said He was.

The Cross and the Resurrection sealed the divine deal and secured salvation for us.  Sin and death were defeated.  What does that mean for us who believe?  It means we are free!  Free from the power of sin.  Free from the punishment for sin.  And in the future, we will even be free from the presence of sin.  Why? Because we will be in that place He has prepared for us, in His presence, with Jesus forever.

That’s what it means for us.  We can live free with Him now and live free with Him forever!  Everlasting Life in God’s presence!  I’ll take it.  How about you?

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

Pastor John <><

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