GN Kids: Information for Volunteers

Information for Volunteers (Please check every month for changes. Sometimes we have to change the schedule to accommodate volunteers.)

November Volunteer’s Schedule 

December Volunteer Schedule

GN Kids Lesson Plans

Pre-K Lesson Plan December 2, 2018

k-2 lesson plan December 2 2018

3-5 Lesson Plan December 2, 2018

Volunteering Background Screening

Good News Church has an easy and cost effective way to conduct background screenings. No fingerprinting needed and there is absolutely no cost to you. You will receive an email invite from Reference Services, Inc. They will email you a link to follow and ask you to plug-in your profile information. The entire process will take you less than ten minutes. Once you receive an email, you have one week to complete the request. Everything is completed online. You will need to do this from a laptop or desktop computer (not a phone) in order to complete your electronic signature with your mouse. Please make sure to use your current legal name (do not enter ANY “other” names) and complete all asterisked prompts. If you don’t feel comfortable completing this online, you can pick up a paper packet from the Good News office to fill out and Lisa will submit. Your choice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lisa at . Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter!

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