From 5 years to the Future


September 21st  2014 we celebrated five favorable years of Ministry as Good News Church. It has been exciting, challenging, fulfilling and glorious. God has been guiding us all the way and blessing our socks off.

We started in The Genesis Center (ironically, genesis means beginnings) thanks to the graciousness of 1st Baptist Leesburg. After 6 months we were off to the historic Opera House in downtown Leesburg. After 3 ½ years of setting up & tearing down every week and working around “Bike Week” as well as other events, God brought us here to 400 Executive Blvd. As of November we will have been in our current location for a whole year!  It has been an eventful 5 years and very clearly guided by the supernatural hand of God.

But where do we go now? What do we do? I shared at out Birthday Celebration, “it’s not complicated and it’s not magic; it’s farming!” We plow and plant! We water and fertilize! We plow the ground of relationships and plant the seeds of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We invest our lives in others just as water and fertilizer are used to nourish crops. We nurture others in The Faith and grow the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil”. (Mark 4:26)

We are God’s plan, we are the Church, we are the farmers, so let’s plow, plant, water and fertilize. Let’s continue to be the church God has called us to be now, and into the future. Let’s do it together!

Pastor John <><


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