Engage Spotlight on Chaplain Blayne Hall – September Letter

Chaplain Blayne Hall is an Engage Missions & Mercy Partner.  Please take a moment to read through his letter from September 2017.

Greetings in our Risen Lord Jesus Christ! 

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted this way, even though I’ve caught up through FaceBook.  This has been a wonderful summer – I was stationed in Spain, then came back the beginning of August.  I’m back home with the family! 

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.  A few requests:

1) Things are going really well, with me as a Chaplain.  My challenge now is simply FINDING people!  Now that we are all back, and have cars, and the base is MUCH larger than our camp in Spain, I need God’s direct, daily guidance to find the people I need to talk to.

2) Several of the troops have expressed profound difficulties with a variety of things, and the overuse of alcohol ALWAYS seems to confound any problem they might have had otherwise.  Please remember our battalion, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ONE (NMCB ONE) in particular.  

A few pictures are below.  Thanks again for faithfulness in praying.


In Christ,



Very respectfully,

William Blayne Hall
Battalion Chaplain
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ONE

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