Easter is on its way

Easter is on the way.  It’s almost here, with all the hope and joy that it brings.  Jesus, the one who is the Resurrection and the Life was raised to life and conquered sin and death for us.  We celebrate that on Easter!

But that is not what March is going to be about.  March is going to be about what leads up to Easter and The Resurrection.  Don’t forget, before Easter could come there had to be a crucifixion. Before the resurrection could happen, Jesus had to suffer and die.  It’s known as The Passion of the Christ. We are covering that in our “Red Letters” series.  The last eleven chapters, half of the Gospel of John, chronicles the last month of Jesus’ life and His path to the cross and resurrection.  He gives many important last words and lessons to prepare the disciples for the amazingly hard challenges of the future.

So don’t miss one week if you can help it.

Also, our GN Kids are doing something a little different for the months of March, April and May.  We will have a new format that includes an assembly time of music and other activities.  Try to get your kids here on time consistently, especially during March because they will be learning a song to perform at the morning services on Easter Day, April 1st (and that is no April Fool’s joke!)

Be there,

In His Grip,

Pastor John <><

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