Dead or Alive


Dead or Alive…

It sounds like an old wanted poster from the Wild, Wild West.  One of those we see in Clint Eastwood movies from time to time.  But this Easter series (2017) is not at all about the Wild West or Clint Eastwood.  It is, however, about life and death.  It is about sin and the necessity of redemption.

It is about the importance of understanding why Jesus died and why “Good Friday” is so good.  It is about the importance of the Resurrection and why Jesus, rising victorious over death, changed the world forever.

The Resurrection is that “tipping point” when God did something to redeem humanity for eternity.  The Resurrection is also the tipping point of faith for every human being.  What we believe about the Resurrection defines who we are, our faith and who Jesus is in our lives.  Is He the living Lord of life, or just some good teacher?

Come spend this Easter Season with us as we study and contemplate the truth that Jesus was dead and buried, but something happened…He became alive again to prove that He is the Christ – the Son of the living God.

We don’t worship an old dead prophet.  We worship and serve our living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

<>< Pastor John


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