Beyond Belief Series

“Belief”, it  is essential for one to become a follower of Jesus Christ.  Being a Christian and believing in Jesus are synonyms.  But what does it mean to believe in Jesus, who He is and what He’s done?

The root word for “belief” in the original language of the New Testament is “pistuo/pistis”.  This Greek word is also translated as “trust” and “faith” in many passages of scripture.  The basic meaning is to place all your weight upon– like one would trust a chair to hold their weight.  So, faith/belief is to trust in something or someone with your mind and heart to the point that your behavior reflects and supports that belief.  I believe in Jesus, therefore I will live a certain way because of that belief.  I will do and not do certain things because I have complete confidence in who Jesus is. 

You see, belief (pistis) is more than an intellectual acceptance of information.  It is a confidence of faith that leads us to action.  We literally move “Beyond Belief” to a way of life.  That is the title of our series for the month of June, “Beyond Belief”.  We will look at how our belief in Jesus causes radical change in the way we live out LOVE, MORALITY, RELATIONSHIPS, etc.

I hope you can make it every week this month as we seek to move, “Beyond Belief”.

Warning:  The Surgeon General has determined that this message series could change your life.

In His Grip,

Pastor John

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